deena kastor and family running with sub4

"The sub 4 stroller is everything we want in a stroller as its simple, streamlined and light. My most cherished time with my daughter is simply taking her out to enjoy nature. She’s seen a lot of our beautiful surroundings zooming past as she exclaims “Oooooh!” I’d like to think her elation is with me running so fast, but its more that she gets to see so much. Whether its wilderness or downtown, I enjoy sharing the world with her one step and stroll at a time." -

Deena Kastor, US Olympian and US women's marathon record holder

Alice reviews sub4

"The problem when running with a push chair is all the extra energy you spend pushing the heavy object in front of you. You seem to not be able to run your normal distance due to all the extra weight you are pushing and the ease of the push chair. Well I have just had a turn with the new phil&teds sub 4, the king of running push chairs. To look at, you will notice it is wider and longer than the average push chair and has large wheels. The capsule the baby/ child sits in is aerodynamic. When running, it is actually FUN! Yes I did use the fun word as it is easy. The sub 4 is light and very mobile. It doesn't hinder your running like other pushchairs can. I tried it out on my nine month old baby, who seemed to love it. I watched him lift his legs up and down to catch the Wellington gale. I also ran with my three year old daughter who chatted away and reported on all the things she could see and feel, loving the bumpy parts where the roots are overtaking the footpath. So thank you phil&teds, I would highly recommend the sub 4 as a healthy addition to your buggy range." -

Alice, Mum of 3 in Island Bay, Wellington

the baby guy - sub4 review

"Fancy. Sexy. Eye-Catching. Three words that don’t normally pop into your head when you hear “jogging stroller.” They’re all pretty standard, they’re all pretty boring, and they’re all pretty ugly. Find me ONE mother that thinks her jogging stroller is actually “beautiful.” The sub 4 is ready to change that." -

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babble award badge 2012

"Engineered for speed, this innovative, modern-looking stroller is designed for runners who don’t want their performance compromised by poor posture, limited stride, and bulky stroller weight. The sub 4 is designed for a runner’s body with a unique geometric shape (that suits even the longest legs), an adjustable handle height, and one-handed control. It’s also designed for speed with its high-performance traction and suspension, motion control hub, and aerated disk breaks. Even the aerocore seat — a lightweight material modeled after running shoes and sports equipment — is designed for performance." - - Favourite Summer Strollers 2012

lilsugar - 2012

""The company's first jogging stroller is lighter, and ultimately faster, than almost any on the market, using a unique motion control hub to create balance and stability, while allowing for an adjustable suspension while out on the road. The most striking part of the stroller is its sleek, multilayered, aerocore seat, which is specifically designed to create a comfortable yet safe ride for tots." - - 9 Hot Strollers for 2013

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